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Fallen stars and comet tails
Stumbling home

Like a rock afloat Sweat and conversations seep into my bones Four walls are not enough I’ll take a dip into the unknown, unknown

Danny, 21, Moon child, tree hugger, artsy fartsy, Mac n cheese.

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A heart so destined to fly amongst the stars is trapped inside the cage in my chest made out of every bad thought. I’ve swallowed all of my moments whole with a shot of vodka to soothe my bones. I don’t think there’s escaping this.
—I’m very inebriated at this point in my life.
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I do not love a skinny boy.

I love a boy with hands like fire —
I drag him through a broken window
and he tells me that he needs me.

I do not love a skinny boy, just a boy
who can never stay on his feet, a boy
who swallows himself whole every night.
Always shaken. Always empty.

My skinny boy is not broken —
my skinny boy is a monument to the men
that never came before him,
he is the kind of boy you fall for in five minutes, then,
Goddamn it, never again.

My skinny boy doesn’t breathe right —
he chokes on my metaphors and comes up gasping.
He bleeds into my mouth, then asks to do it again.

I call him beautiful and he answers.
I tell him to kiss me and he does.

Skinny boy knows this is only love,
nothing like tender, nothing like gentle.
He tells me
“wreck me like my stomach’s swollen,
kiss me like I’m clean.”

I tell him “boy, you don’t know anything,
you’re worthless without my hands.”

I tell him “boy, I swear, I can’t love you anymore.
But I still can make you scream.”

—I Do Not Love A Skinny Boy | d.a.s (via backshelfpoet)
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I don’t think I’ll ever be on that normal sleep schedule.

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hello??? where am i???

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i just wanna know what my house smells like to other people

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Losing Teeth - Neck Deep

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