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Fallen stars and comet tails
Stumbling home

Like a rock afloat Sweat and conversations seep into my bones Four walls are not enough I’ll take a dip into the unknown, unknown

Danny, 21, Moon child, tree hugger, artsy fartsy, Mac n cheese.

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Your trembling hands have gotten worse, and that drink being poured suffers but; you wolf down the whiskey, burn every memory to the back of your throat, swallow the ashes like lead weights, drink until you can’t see anything besides the negative space behind your eyelids.

You smoke up, a joint between chapped lips, lungs consuming the harshest smoke they’ve ever had the pleasure of mingling with.

Wisps of thick smoke sprawls out in four different directions and the sides of your head buzzes with the repercussions of your choices.

Take away the pain of what could have been and what is; pop a couple pills, light a few sticks, and down some white lighting.

Kill those demons inside your heart, even if they lurk in the shadows when then sun bursts back over the horizon.


There was no hope for tomorrow. There was no future to look forward to.

Behind every door, a snarling fate flirting with death awaits;

so you flip a rigged coin and then you thrive in the absence of the awakening world.

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your blog is dope and your humor is still on point. :)


Thank you <3

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Went and did some more archery today, one of the arrows went a little haywire and decided to attack the ladder but I’m getting better :)

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We could be just like stardust; floating together since the begining of time.

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leans in close

looks intently at you

holds your face

couple cosplay with me

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